America is no longer a superpower, Britain’s big statement on the return of Taliban in Afghanistan

London. Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace described the Taliban’s return to Afghanistan after nearly 20 years as a crushing defeat for the US and said that it can no longer be called a superpower. Wallace indirectly attacked America and refused to accept it as a superpower, saying that this country has now become just a big power. This statement of Britain’s Defense Secretary is a big setback for Joe Biden, surrounded by criticism after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

When he was asked whether the withdrawal of British forces from Afghanistan could be linked to the strength of the country, he replied ‘yes’. Wallace said, ‘Because Britain is not a superpower, then leaving the troubled country definitely shows our limits.’ However, this is not the first time Wallace has openly criticized America. Earlier, he had called the agreement with the Taliban for peace in Afghanistan a mistake.

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Britain’s 20-year-long military campaign in Afghanistan, which has been occupied by the Taliban, came to an end with the arrival of the remaining British troops from Kabul on 29 August. The Taliban captured Kabul on 15 August after capturing several major cities. This happened two weeks before the deadline for the US to leave the country.

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Before Britain, Russia had also criticized US involvement in Afghanistan, claiming it had achieved “zero” from its 20-year-long military presence there. President Vladimir Putin said on September 1 that for 20 years, the US military had been trying to “civilize the people living there” in Afghanistan. The result was a massive tragedy, a massive loss.. It was a loss to both, the US who did it, and even more so to the residents of Afghanistan. The result, if not negative, is zero.’

Putin said that ‘imposing something from outside is impossible. If someone does something for someone, then they should take information about the history, culture, philosophy of life of those people… their traditions should be respected. Russia fought the war in Afghanistan for ten years and in 1989 the Soviet troops withdrew. Russia has made a diplomatic return as a mediator over the years.

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