Hurricane Ida caused floods in America, 4 people of Indian origin also lost their lives

New York. In the US, 4 people of Indian origin died in the states of New Jersey and New York due to flash floods caused by Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Ida made landfall in Port Fourchon, Louisiana on August 29. It was the second most destructive storm ever recorded in the state after Hurricane Katrina (2005).

According to the news of, Dhanush Reddy (31) of Edison was trapped in the floods in South Plainfield last week. When he lost his balance, he fell into the 36-inch wide sewer pipe and died. His body was found away from the spot. Officials said that two people were washed away in the pipe. One was rescued, but the other could not be traced. Later the authorities found Reddy’s body a few miles away.

So far 49 people have died due to Hurricane Ida in America, power cut in many areas

According to the news of the New York Times, 4 members of the family started flowing in an attempt to get out of the flood waters in the house in Queens. The elder of the family, Dameshwar Ramskrits, told that he tried to save his wife Tara by holding her hand. He survived, but Tara and her 22-year-old son Nick drowned.

Indian-origin software designer Malathi Kanche (46) was on her way home with her 15-year-old daughter on Wednesday when her car got stuck in water at Bridgewater in New Jersey. Kanche and his daughter took the support of a tree there, but the tree fell.

The newspaper said that Kanche’s friend Mansi Mago told that Kanche was washed away in the flood waters. At first his name was on the list of missing people, but his death was confirmed on Friday. Members of a Nepalese family living in a basement apartment in Queens also died. Mingma Sherpa, her husband Lobsang Lama and their son Aang also died in the floods.

Hurricane Ida is taking a formidable form in America. On Saturday, due to the influence of Ida, there was heavy rain in New York City of America. At least 54 people have died due to floods in the region. Several vehicles were submerged in the flood waters and houses were flooded. (with agency input)

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