In Florida, a man shot 4 people with bullets, the mother held the girl till her death

Florida. Four people, including a newborn, died in a shooting in Lakeland, Florida’s southern province of America. Local media gave this information. According to media reports, an 11-year-old girl has been injured in this incident.

Florida Sheriff’s Office officials said a police encounter with the gunman took place early Sunday and shots were fired from both sides. A mother and daughter are also among the dead, the official said. He told that the mother kept her baby girl in her arms till the last moment.

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Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said the suspect was fully armed and was wearing a bulletproof vest. He said he was surrounded outside a house in Lakeland.

Judd said the suspect was shot and left the house to surrender. He told that the 11-year-old girl found inside the house was shot several times. Bodies of three other people were also found in the house. Earlier, a student was killed in a shooting at a high school in North Carolina in the US.

Winston-Salem Police Chief Katrina Thompson said Mount Tabor High School was immediately closed. Police believe that the culprit is a student of the school itself.

Thompson told that the injured student was taken to a local hospital where he died. The deceased student was identified as William Chavis Renard Miller Jr. A woman named Christopher Johnson told that her son told her that he had heard gunshots in the school gym. The students were asked to hide in a safe place as the attacker was present in the campus.

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Earlier, a similar incident was reported from a high school in South Carolina, where three students were shot in a parking area after a vacation on August 18. After which the school was closed for a few days. Three students of Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School were injured in this incident. However, his life was not in danger. (agency input)

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