Condoms will have to be used within the ambit of rules and regulations, if there is a mistake, then you will have to face the punishment!

Although no one can interfere in anyone’s personal life, but law will definitely interfere in the personal moments of couples in California, United States. In fact, in California, the government has decided that in a romantic relationship, if condoms are not used according to the permission of the partner, then it will be illegal.

For the first time in the world, any state or country has implemented such a rule (Removing Condom without Permission). Negotiations on this rule were going on in California for a long time, but now it has been implemented. According to this strange rule, if the couple removes the condom during the private moments of the couple without taking permission from the partner, then legal action can be taken against him. Soon the draft related to this is going to be passed in California.

Such a rule was made for the first time in the world
According to the report of the American newspaper Independent, California will become the first state in America to enact such a law. However, never before, anywhere in the world such a law has come to the fore. This bill has already been introduced in the California Assembly, which was not agreed at that time. Now steps have been taken towards passing this draft. According to the law, in such cases, the victim will be able to take the first step and can file a case against the accused for emotional and physical harm.

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Why was there a need to enact strange laws?
Regarding this bill, experts believe that there are many disadvantages of removing condoms without informing the partner or by theft. It is also cheating in the relationship and is not good for the physical and mental health of the victim. This can lead to problems like sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and emotional trauma. At present, this law made in California is gathering headlines not only in America but all over the world. Everyone is talking on this and giving their opinion.

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