America: Even after 20 years of the biggest terrorist attack, the construction on Ground Zero is incomplete

New York . Two decades after the biggest terrorist attack on America on September 11, the work of rebuilding the World Trade Tower complex is still incomplete. Two planned skyscrapers, a performing arts center and a church are still unfinished at this site. An annual ceremony will be held on Saturday in honor of the nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks at the site. Visitors to the memorial program will not feel at the construction site even though the work continues.

Smriti Plaza was opened in 2011. One World Trade Center—a periodic building originally known as the Freedom Tower—opened in 2014 as the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. In addition an underground transit center and shopping mall were opened in 2016. Apart from this, three other towers made in place of the towers destroyed in the attacks have also been opened. Cranes and construction fencing can however still be seen near the site.

Let’s take a look at the unfinished work till now-
World Trade Center Planned as the second tallest skyscraper at this site, the 2 World Trade Center could someday reach 80 floors. But for now, only the base of the building is visible, which is covered with colorful graffiti-style murals in the northeast corner of the trade center site. Constructor Larry Silverstein said he wants a tenant to be found before construction begins. The 90-year-old builder expressed confidence that a tenant would be found so that the Norman Foster-designed tower could be built during his lifetime, despite office buildings being vacated by the coronavirus pandemic. “My goal is to start shoveling ground work as quickly as possible and to complete the rebuilding project started 20 years ago,” Silverstein said in an emailed statement.

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performing arts center : After years of delay, the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center 2 is under construction west of the future site of the World Trade Center and is proposed to open in 2023. The center’s budget and design have been disputed since early 2004, and later in 2015 its architects and designers were changed to a new team. Once construction is complete, the center’s top floor will have multiple spaces that can be used to build one, two or three theaters for drama, dance, film and music. Apart from this, there will also be a small stage for presentation in the lobby area. “All components are automated, so the wall, floor and seats can all move,” said center president Leslie Koch.

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Banker and investor Perelman secured the naming rights with a donation of $75 million. In addition to this gift, the $500 million center is being built with private donations and $100 million from Lower Manhattan Development Corp., an agency created to promote post-attack reconstruction. . Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is the chairman of the board and a donor.

Greek Orthodox Church St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and the National Shrine, the only place of worship destroyed in the attacks, are now progressing rapidly after years of delay. The building, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, is coming up near the southeast corner of Ground Zero. The construction of this church is to be completed next year and will be surrounded by a small public park. The estimated cost of building this cathedral is $85 million.

World Trade Center : Construction on the tower has not yet started, it will replace an office building occupied by Deutsche Bank, which was damaged and dismantled by the debris of the collapsed twin towers. The original building was demolished between 2007 and 2011. This new tower will be 900 feet (270 meters) high.

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