Cloth masks can be effective for one year: US study

Washington. Cloth masks can be effective for up to a year, as repeated washing and drying does not reduce their ability to filter out infection-causing particles. This has been said in a study conducted in America. The research, published in the journal ‘Aerosol and Air Quality Research’, also confirms previous studies showing that applying a cotton cloth mask over a surgical mask provides more protection than a cloth mask.

This is good news for the environment as well, said study lead author Marina Vance, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder in the US. The cotton mask that you have been washing, drying and reusing. It’s probably still fine. There is no need to throw it away quickly. The researchers said that an estimated 7,200 tonnes of medical waste has been generated every day since the start of the Kovid-19 pandemic, including disposable masks.

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Vance said, ‘We were disturbed to see the masks thrown around while going out since the beginning of the epidemic.’ The researchers created two layers of cotton, tested them through repeated washing and drying for a year, and tested them about every seven cleaning times. Researchers tested the effectiveness of the mask in different ways. The cotton fibers began to break after repeated washing and drying, but the researchers found that this did not significantly affect the fabric’s ability to filter fine particles. However, it was seen in the study that after some time it became difficult to breathe with such masks.

The study found that cotton cloth masks were able to filter out up to 23 percent of microscopic particles of 0.3 microns. By applying a cotton cloth mask over the surgical mask, the filtration efficiency increased to 40 percent. The researchers said the KN-95 and N-95 masks performed best at filtering out 83-99 percent of these fine particles.

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