Surprise! Such an IQ level at the age of 8, even Einstein and Hawkings

Mexico. If someone compares the brain of just an 8-year-old girl with that of scientists like Einstein and Hawkings, then you will probably think that it is crazy. But it has happened that just eight-year-old girl Adhar, living in Mexico, has left behind brains like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in the matter of brain. This Mexican girl has overtaken Einstein and Hawkings in terms of IQ. The IQ level of Aadhra is 162.

This eight-year-old girl from Mexico has left behind Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in terms of IQ. The IQ level of both the science experts is considered to be 160. On the other hand, the IQ of only eight-year-old girl Aadhara is 162. Adhara wants to become an astronaut, so that she can change the whole world.

Who is Adhara Paraj
Adhara Parez is just eight years old, she lives in the slums of Tlahuac, Mexico. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of just 3. Adhara’s mother, Nelly Sanchez, tells that she was playing with her friends in a small house and they locked her up. And then they call him ‘Oddball, weirdo!’ started calling by name. Aadhra went into depression and refused to go to school.

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Seeing the condition of the daughter, the troubled mother took Aadhra to a psychiatrist for treatment, he advised her to go to the Talent Care Center. It was in that center itself that the IQ of Adhara was recognized. At the age of just 8, Ahra completed her primary, middle and high school education. Apart from this, he also completed two online degrees. He also wrote a book called Don’t Give Up. Adhara is currently included in the list of 100 most powerful women in Mexico.

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