9/11 attacks anniversary: ​​How Americans see 20 year old accidents today

September 11 is remembered as the day of terrorist attacks of the last 20 years. On these days, four planes were hijacked in America and they tried to destroy the buildings of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In these incidents about 3 thousand people were killed, 25 thousand people were injured and property worth about 10 billion dollars was destroyed. This incident had brought a big change in the whole world order including America. A recent survey found that most Americans still remember it as a huge shock.

What happened on this day in America
On this day in 2001, Al Qaeda terrorists led four commercial flights in the US, destroying two of them after colliding with two towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York. The third plane crashed into the famous Pentagon building, causing partial damage, while the fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

people remember what they were doing then
According to a recent survey, 93 percent of Americans age 30 and older said they remember very well where they were when they learned of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and when. what was you doing. Only the assassination of US President Kennedy in the last six decades had such a profound and long-lasting effect.

greatest historical event in life
It is hardly surprising that in 2016, three quarters of American adults considered 9/11 to be the biggest historical event in their lives. At the same time, about two times people called it the most talked about incident. There is no evidence that such sentiments have subsided in the last five years.

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America still celebrates the day of 9/11 as Patriot Day. (symbolic photo: shutterstock)

Life changed this incident
This survey was done on this big incident before America came back from the Taliban. It was said that 64 percent of Americans believe that the incident of 9/11 changed their lives forever. Major minorities are now less interested in flying, attending large gatherings, visiting tall buildings, or traveling abroad than they were before 9/11.

Learn Why America failed even after living in Afghanistan for 20 years

What do Americans think about Islam?
Many Americans believe that Islam has also undergone a long transformation. As of March 2002, 25 percent of Americans, including 23 percent of Democrats and 32 percent of Republicans, believe that Islam, compared to other religions, will encourage more violence among its adherents. Today, two percent of Americans hold this view. has folded. But this was not the case two decades ago.

USA, America, 9/11 Attacks, New York, World Trade Centre, September 11, September 11 Attacks, Terrorism, Americans,

Know why America failed even after living in Afghanistan for 20 years(Photo: shutterstock)

Democrats and Republicans
In this case, 72 percent of Republicans and 32 percent of Democrats believe that they now see a deep connection between Islam and violence. For Republicans, this is 40 percent more than in 2002. These sentiments also explain why Donald Trump played the distrust card of Muslims among his supporters and why Democrats were angry at Trump’s imposition of Muslim travel restrictions in his early administration.

How does the Taliban recruit its fighters?

Under the leadership of George W. Bush, America responded by waging a war on terror in response to the 9/11 attacks. It started in Afghanistan, where it was believed that Al Qaeda had planned these attacks. This military campaign initially received strong support from the American public. But as the war dragged on longer than expected, support dwindled. After Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011, 56 percent of Americans said they were in favor of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan thereafter.

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