COVID-19: 11 times less risk of death from corona in people who have taken both doses of vaccine – US official

Washington. There is good news about the vaccine. US officials have informed that even after the delta variant of the coronavirus has become common, the risk of death of those who have been fully vaccinated is 11 times less. Apart from this, the vaccine (Covid-19 Vaccine) also helps in saving the victim of Kovid from being admitted to the hospital. Recently, President Joe Biden announced an ‘action plan’ in the country, under which strict instructions were issued regarding vaccination.

US health officials said on Friday that people who have been fully vaccinated are up to 10 times less likely to be hospitalized, compared to an 11 percent chance of preventing death. Recently, three new papers were released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This information has been found in one of these papers. Data from one study suggests that Moderna’s vaccine has given slightly more protection than others after the Delta variant was exposed.

CDC director Rochelle Wallensky said, ‘As we have shown in the study, vaccination works.’ In the first study, millions of people were examined between April 4 and June 19 in 13 regions of America. This was a time when Delta was not very effective. This data was compared with the data between June 20 and July 17. During this, the chances of Kovid infection of a person who had been vaccinated had increased slightly.

Currently, the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration are assessing the need for a booster shot. It is expected that the first dose will be given to the elderly in the new vaccine campaign starting this month. A study conducted in more than 400 hospitals between June-August assessed the efficacy of the vaccine. In this study the emphasis was on the brand of the vaccine.

Turns out that Moderna’s efficacy against hospitalization was at 95 percent. Whereas, in the case of Pfizer, this figure was 80 percent and in Johnson & Johnson it was 60 percent. The overall efficacy against hospitalization was 86 percent in all age groups, but this figure dropped to 76 percent in those over the age of 75.

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