The picture of terror has not changed even after 20 years of 9/11 attacks, these 5 things reveal America’s poll

New Delhi. On 20 February 2020, in a New York Times article, Sirajuddin Haqqani, Afghanistan’s interior minister and head of the banned Haqqani network, “falsely promised a new, inclusive politics”. A system that promised to include the voice of every Afghan. So that no Afghani feels isolated. People had similar expectations even after the 9/11 terror attacks. But even after two decades the picture has not changed. Sirajuddin Haqqani, whom the world called a terrorist and America put a reward of 5 million dollars on him, is today the Home Minister of the Taliban government.

The US spent more than $825 billion in the last 20 years to drive out the Taliban in Afghanistan. In addition, $130 billion was spent on reconstruction. Wars against the Taliban and al-Qaeda have killed at least 2,300 American soldiers since 2001. But today America has gone back 20 years on the terror front. Today he handed over power to the terrorist against whom he had fought.

The 20-year military occupation of Afghanistan by the US military after 9/11 has shattered many myths, raising serious questions about America’s future ability and ability to influence the world. The US launched the operation on 7 October 2001 in response to the twin-tower attacks in New York on 9/11. But these are the 5 big reasons that break America’s powerful image.

1. US Army Defeat
The war in Afghanistan is the longest war in American history after Vietnam. America was also defeated in Vietnam and in 1975 their soldiers left there. Just as the Afghan public’s support for the US military dwindled over the years, the US military lost its motivation to fight the enemy. India learned this in less than three years (1987-1990) in Sri Lanka, which had around 90,000 soldiers. The Soviets learned the same lesson over 10 years in Afghanistan, forever wars are volatile, and the Americans should have gone for a decisive knock-out punch against the Taliban and its allies and not a deliberately protracted battle.

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2 Taliban victory and ISI capture
It is being said that the Taliban won this battle with the help of Pakistan. The ISI sent fighters from the Sunni community there. The ISI provided Islamic cadre, arms, ammunition, intelligence, tactics and medical assistance. Pakistan was both the problem and the solution, and the US could never win unless the ISI headquarters bowed down in the Rawalpindi war. Nearly a decade ago, in October 2011, Hillary Clinton, the then US Secretary of State, explicitly told the Pakistani leadership that it could not have ‘snakes’ to attack its neighbours.

3 Al Qaeda and Taliban relations
Although US troops have withdrawn, a report from Operation Freedom, released on August 17, said the relationship between the Taliban and al-Qaeda is now stronger. The UN Security Council said in a June report that a significant portion of the al Qaeda leadership lives in Afghanistan and across the border in Pakistan. Seven it was said that Haqqani network is also helping them.

4 America diverted attention from Iraq and Afghanistan, China benefits
A US National Defense Strategy report in 2018 stated that interstate competition was a primary concern in US national security. It is being said that China benefited from America’s attention towards Iraq and Afghanistan. Helped China become an economic and military power. China is now trying to tell the world that America was defeated in Afghanistan.

5. Taliban Has Not Changed From Old Stance
17 out of 33 ministers in the Taliban cabinet have been designated as global terrorists by the United Nations or the US or both. There is no representation of women or minorities in the government. After two decades of fighting, the Taliban have become more radical as they believe they defeated the mighty US military.

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