Was Saudi Arabia involved in the 9/11 attacks? Know the secret of America’s intelligence document

Washington. The US investigative agency FBI has linked logistical support to two Saudis who hijacked the plane for the 9/11 terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. A new document of pages has been released. Documents suggest that the kidnappers were in contact with their Saudi accomplices in the US, but there is no evidence that the Saudi Arabian government was involved in the plot.

They were released on Saturday, the 20th anniversary of the attack, after US President Joe Biden ordered these documents to be made public. These were kept confidential till now. In recent weeks, the families of the victims have pressured Biden to release the document. They have long been demanding the release of records that could help in their ongoing trial in New York. They allege that senior Saudi officials were complicit in the attacks.

The Saudi Arabian government, on the other hand, has denied any involvement. The Saudi embassy in Washington said on Wednesday that it supports releasing all documents to end baseless allegations against its government forever.

The document, released on Saturday, details an interview in 2015 of a man who applied for US citizenship and repeatedly contacted those Saudi Arabian citizens several years ago. Investigators say these same citizens provided vital logistical support to the kidnappers.

All but four of the 19 hijackers of the planes to carry out the attacks were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and it was also the birthplace of Osama bin Laden, the head of al-Qaeda and the mastermind of the attack.

At present, Saudi Arabia has close ties with the US and since the First Gulf War, there has been a presence of US forces in Saudi and because of this extremist groups have also targeted Saudi. Fahd Nazar, a spokesman for the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, said: “It is important to realize that the terrorists who attacked the United States on September 11 have on several occasions attacked the people of Saudi Arabia, the leadership, military personnel, and even our lives in Mecca and Medina.” The most sacred religious places have also been targeted.


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