American police is catching thieves by witchcraft, as soon as the crime is committed, they reach the tantrik

Today’s era is considered advanced. Everything has become technologically advanced than before. Earlier, where a crime was solved on the basis of suspicion, now the police have got many techniques to cross check the evidence. If you come to know about such a situation that at this time there is such a country in the world, where the police is taking the help of tantrik (Police Solving Crime Through Magic) to catch the criminal? No, we are not joking.

This country is not illiterate or backward, but it is. Yes, a person living in America claims that he is helping the police with the help of his occult science. He has solved many kidnapping and murder cases with his Tantra Vidya. In this, he takes the help of his system power and pendulum. This man named Dan Baldwin claims that since he realized his powers, he has helped many people.

started like this
Dan says that he was not aware of this power beforehand. He told in the Coast to Coast show that one day he heard a voice asking him to go and find the kidnap children. After this he learned Tantra Vidya from a friend and started solving kidnapping cases. He traces the address of kidnap children through a pendulum. He told that till now he has solved such cases which were in cold storage for many years.

murder cases solves through magic

police take help
According to Dan, he has solved many cases so far. In this, people take his help personally or with the help of police. He tells through the pendulum who is the culprit? Many cases have been solved in this, which was not expected. Dan says that his pendulum always gives the right result. If the answer to a question is yes, then the pendulum is right and no is left. The American police also takes Dan’s help, Dan himself has claimed.

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