The world is lagging behind the target of Corona vaccination, America sought help from PM Modi

New York. The Quad Summit is going to be held in New York on 24 September. Along with America, Japan, Australia and India are also participating in this. PM Modi, US President Joe Biden, Australian PM Scott Morrison and Japanese PM will meet with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. A big agenda for the talks of these leaders will also be Kovid-19. The four leaders will find solutions to prevent the corona epidemic and to make its vaccine doses available quickly and easily. This time all eyes will be on PM Modi’s decisions in the meeting. America has already urged India to increase the export of corona vaccine. The Biden administration plans that PM Modi will play an important role in the upcoming global meeting against the Kovid epidemic.

India is the largest producer of vaccine
India is the largest vaccine producer country in the world. But in March last, after the situation in India became dire, Modi banned the export of the vaccine. At that time there were lakhs of deaths in India due to the second wave of Corona. America believes that vaccination should be done in developing countries as soon as possible, for this it is necessary to export more and more of the vaccine. A senior official of the Biden administration said that we are discussing the timeline for supplying and exporting the Kovid vaccine from India bilaterally and through other channels.

What is India’s stand?
The Modi government faced criticism when it exported 60 million vaccine doses abroad. However, sources in CNN-Technicalgurujipro say that the corona vaccine, especially the serum of Kovishield, will now be exported only until all adults in the country have received both doses by the end of the year.

America has also banned
Like India, the US has also banned its export for several months to drive its vaccine program. America has reserved crores of doses for the booster, on which WHO has also expressed concern. According to WHO, out of more than 5 billion Kovid doses, 75% of the doses are occupied by only 10 countries.

America will take a soft stand with Modi
In the case of Kovid vaccine export, the Biden administration has taken many important decisions. According to senior US officials, his administration will take a soft stance for PM Modi. He told that in the upcoming meeting, Biden will try to make the rest of the country consider COVAX as the main weapon of vaccine distribution. Team Biden’s goal is that developed or rich countries donate the vaccine and not sell it when there is a surplus supply.

India-US Vaccine Relations
In April this year, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken appointed Gail Smith to head the Vaccine Diplomacy Efforts. Biden announced the Quad Vaccine Partnership, which aims to oversee the financing, manufacturing and delivery of billions of vaccines in the Indo-Pacific region by the end of 2022. The center of this planning was India. But the situation became a little tense when the US was not ready to lift the ban on the export of vaccine raw materials.

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