Yummy Mummy became a child by reducing 13 kg in 4 months, the child was used as a dumbbell

Being a mother is one of the happiest experiences of a woman’s life, but the problems that come with it also do not diminish. A mother living in Florida told a solution to one such common problem. Nikki, 28, has recently become a mother of a child and she has given tips to new mothers on how to get rid of post pregnancy weight.

Nikki has given 13 kg weight loss tips in 4 months to mothers who cry for increased weight after years of becoming a mother. They have shown that if you want to do this, it takes willpower, not excuses. The way he worked on his fitness after the birth of the child, he is worthy of praise.

Gym built in the garage itself
Since Nikki is a fitness trainer by profession, when she became a mother, she had to return to her old figure soon. Her weight had increased by 30 pounds i.e. about 13 kg during pregnancy. It was not possible to go to the gym after the birth of the child, so Nicky made the garage of his house a gym. After working out for 4 months here, he got his old figure back. Sharing her pictures on social media, she has said- ‘I understand the struggle of being a new mother very well, but it does not mean that you leave your body just like that.’

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Used only children as weights
According to the report of The Sun, Nikki gave birth to a daughter in the month of May 2019, Nikki started working out only 6 weeks after giving birth to the child. During this, Nikki adopted different methods. She also advises to use her child as a weight, which will also give exercise and the child will also be able to take inspiration from the mother to stay fit. Through her fitness app, Nikki now inspires thousands of women to lose post pregnancy weight and get stronger.

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