Fighting with wife, father put daughter in washing machine, then in anger Switch On

In anger, a person does not understand right and wrong. In a short time of anger, a person makes such big mistakes, for which he probably has to repent for the rest of his life. That’s why experts also say that no decision should ever be taken in anger. Out of this anger, a man living in New Hampshire, America, decided to kill his 2-year-old innocent with his own hands. The man put the daughter in the washing machine (Father Puts Daughter in Washing Machine) and switched it on.

father puts daughter in washing machine

According to the news published in the New York Post, the police have arrested Michael. He is accused of taking the child’s life. The information was given to the police by the girl’s mother. Originally from Manchester, Michael was having an argument with his wife on something. In this anger, he picked up his daughter and put it in the washing machine. It has been good that the girl’s mother switched off the machine in time. After this the girl was taken out. According to the police, the girl did not suffer much injury. But he has still been admitted to the hospital.

father puts daughter in washing machine

The police have registered a criminal case against Michael. Let us tell you that in the past, many cases of crime against children have been seen in America. Some time ago in Texas, a four-year-old girl died of corona. The girl’s mother did not allow any person in her family to take the vaccine. Many people in his family got corona but no one consulted the doctor. Meanwhile, the girl’s health worsened. Eventually he died due to Corona. After the death of the daughter, the woman accepted her mistake and requested everyone to take the vaccine.

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