Nipah virus: Government will give relief in restrictions in Kozhikode, Kerala, people will be able to travel

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Updated Wed, 15 Sep 2021 12:35 AM IST


A 12-year-old child succumbed to Nipah virus infection in Kerala’s Kozhikode last week. After that there were strict restrictions. However, the report of the people around came negative.

Veena George

Veena George
– Photo : ANI

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In Kerala, a child died after contracting the Nipah virus. Due to this, strict lockdown was imposed in some areas here. But the people here are going to get relief now. The state government has decided to relax the restricted areas.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George said the government has decided to relax restrictions in the containment wards in Thamangalam (Kozhikode) as no other Nipah virus cases have been reported here and the 14-day incubation period has also come to an end. But the 9th ward of Chathamangalam Panchayat will remain in the Containment Zone.

He said that now people can open shops and travel. People with symptoms should stay at home. If anyone has any health problem, he should immediately contact the health workers. The order will be issued by the District Collector.

Further Veena George said that the Containment Zone has been removed. Vaccination in the state will resume on Wednesday. People with symptoms should not get the vaccine for any reason. So far 9593 people in the Containment Area have not received the first dose of the vaccine. The vaccine will be given in different sections of 500-1000 people.

Also, while giving information about Nipah virus, he said that the test results of 3 persons included in Nipah contact list were also negative and it was tested at NIV Pune. With this, 143 samples came negative.


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