Pakistan-backed Khalistan taking roots in America, a big threat to India: Report

Washington. A top US think tank has said that Pakistan-backed separatist Khalistani groups are gradually strengthening their hold in the US. The US government has been indifferent to the appeals made by New Delhi to stop the anti-India activities of these organizations.

The Hudson Institute in its report ‘Pakistan’s Destabilization Conspiracy: Separatist Khalistani Groups in America’ published on Tuesday to investigate the support extended by Pakistan to these organizations ‘Within America’. The conduct of ‘Khalistan and Kashmir separatist groups’ has been judged.

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Khalistani factions may come out with new names
The report looked at the links of these groups with extremist and terrorist organizations in India and the potentially harmful effects of their activities on US foreign policy in South Asia. The report shows that ‘like Islamist terrorist organizations based in Pakistan, Khalistani organizations may come up with new names’. It said, “Unfortunately, the US government has shown no interest in violence perpetrated by Khalistanis, while the most staunch supporters of the Khalistan campaign are in Western countries such as the UK, Canada and the US.”

US government will have to give priority
“Unless the US government prioritizes monitoring of extremism and terrorism related to Khalistan, it is unlikely to identify groups that currently engage in violence in Punjab in India or prepare to do so,” the report said. are doing.’

The Hudson Institute says forecasting is an important part of national security planning. Therefore, it is important to investigate the activities of Khalistani organizations based in North America within the limits prescribed by law to prevent a recurrence of the violence that took place during the Khalistan movement in the 1980s.
Anti-India activities being active
Significantly, the report said that anti-India activism related to Khalistan within the US has increased recently and that too as the US and India are cooperating to counter China’s growing influence, especially in the Indo-Pacific. . The report calls on the US government to take India’s concerns seriously and to provide India with the necessary intelligence and law enforcement resources to help address these concerns.

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Suggestions given in the report
The report said that the US government should list all organizations responsible for terrorist attacks in India on the list of global terrorist organizations and designate as terrorists the various individuals that India and US intelligence and law enforcement agencies have identified as terrorists. Identified as having links to terrorist entities.

It said, “Enforce terrorism funding laws and regulations against various organizations supporting Kashmiri and Khalistan separatism; Investigate US-based organizations supporting Kashmiri and Khalistan separatism for possible violations of US laws relating to foreign aid. (agency input)

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