Throwing a cigarette changed life: Mohali youth turned disaster into opportunity, became expert from YouTube

Nagma Singh, Samvad News Agency, Mohali Published by: Nivedita Verma Updated Wed, 15 Sep 2021 12:01 PM IST

Mohali’s Twinkle has set a splendid example of turning disaster into opportunity by recycling a discarded cigarette. He learned this technique from YouTube and then started his work in Tricity. Today he has a team of 22 people with him. He is earning a good amount from this. Twinkle is a film videographer by profession.

Twinkle told that she also has a film making company. In this, he works as a film videographer. When the lockdown was imposed in March, his work stopped. He had no source of income. One day he saw a video of recycling cigarettes on YouTube. He took inspiration from this and shared this with his friends. Friends made fun of him and did not listen to him seriously.

After this he sought help from his father and brother-in-law. With his help, he started the work. For this, he first took complete information. Cigarettes, put their boxes at the tobacco shop, in which people started putting the remaining part after smoking cigarettes. At first there were many problems. People also ridiculed but seeing the work went on.


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