NASA created historical past, Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter

NASA’s unmanned spacecraft Juno has began orbiting Jupiter. It is a main achievement of this $ 1.1 billion mission launched to resolve the thriller of the origin of the biggest planet within the photo voltaic system.

“Welcome to Jupiter,” stated a commentator with marketing campaign management at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. The room was full of gleeful voices after the photo voltaic observatory efficiently entered Jupiter’s goal orbit. . This car entered Jupiter’s orbit at 11:53 pm.

Launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida 5 years in the past, this car has traveled 2.7 billion kilometers earlier than reaching right here.

NASA Principal Investigator Scott Bolton shouted gleefully, “We have to it.” He advised his colleagues in Mission Management, “You guys are one of the best workforce ever.” Bolton stated. “You’ve got completed the toughest factor NASA has ever completed.”

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