Water exists on Mars, NASA reveals

The US house company NASA has made a surprising disclosure. The company’s spacecraft has gathered sturdy proof of the seasonal move of salt water on Mars. Scientists gave this info on Monday.

In a research revealed within the journal ‘Nature Geoscience’, scientists studied summer time streaks on some slopes, which have been beforehand believed to be shaped by the move of salt water.

Based on Alfred S. McEwen, Professor of Planetary Geology on the College of Arizona, the research crew has recognized water molecules (perchlorates) on Mars.

Dr. McEwen famous, “Salt water has been clearly detected on Mars.”

NASA additionally offered particulars of the invention throughout a information convention on the James Webb Auditorium at its headquarters.

About 4.5 billion years in the past, Mars had six and a half occasions extra water and a thicker environment than it’s now.

Many of the water disappeared into house, and this was as a result of Mars didn’t have a magnetic area for a very long time, as on Earth.

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