Biden had asked Ashraf Ghani for a plan against the Taliban, know what happened in the 14-minute call

Kabul. The war that has been going on for the last 20 years came to an end with the flight of America’s last plane from Afghanistan. As soon as America left Kabul Airport in Afghanistan, the Taliban once again completely occupied Afghanistan. Recently, when the Taliban was occupying Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden had a phone conversation with the then President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and discussed the ongoing fight against the Taliban.

The news agency Reuters has claimed that on July 23, there was a 14-minute conversation between US President Joe Biden and Ashraf Ghani. It is reported that during the conversation, the US President had also discussed about the military aid to Afghanistan. Along with this, Joe Biden told the President of Afghanistan that the time has come to change his image regarding the ongoing war against the Taliban. He said that this is causing a lot of damage to his image in front of the world and Afghanistan. Let us tell you that after two weeks of talking to the US President, Ashraf Ghani left Kabul and the Taliban captured the Presidential Palace in Kabul.

According to the news agency, Joe Biden told Ashraf Ghani that he was ready to help Afghanistan once again, but he himself should put the plan to stop the Taliban in front of America. The US President had assured Ashraf Ghani that air support from America would continue, but America should know what plan Ashraf Ghani is preparing to save his country. A few days before this phone call, the US did an airstrike against the Taliban, supporting the Afghan army.

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America wanted Ashraf Ghani to give the responsibility of fighting the Taliban to General Bismillah Khan and Bismillah Khan should present a plan to stop the Taliban in front of America. According to the news agency, America was ready to provide all possible help to Afghanistan. Joe Biden had assured that the 300,000 Afghan soldiers prepared by the US military could counter 70-80 thousand Talibanis. He doesn’t need help from outside. Despite this, if any help is needed, then America will keep an eye on Afghanistan.

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It is being told that Joe Biden found in the conversation that the attitude of the Ashraf Ghani government was not to fight against the Taliban, which was sending the wrong message to the world. America wanted the ministers of the Ashraf government to tell the world about their future strategy against the Taliban by holding a press conference, which would change their image, but this did not happen.

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