Female wrestler with pistol in hand said- ‘I am alone’, body found in her own flat after 24 hours

The death of American wrestler Daphney Unger is in the headlines. He shared a video on social media expressing the pain of his loneliness. Just 24 hours after this, his body was found in his flat. Such a death of a 46-year-old wrestler is in question.

The video posted by Daphini, in which she was talking about suicide while posing with a pistol. He also told how lonely he is. Daphini was an amazing wrestler. Daphne, 46, was also known as ‘Scream Queen’. The police is now investigating his death under suspicious circumstances. At present it is being considered as suicide.

Wrestler was struggling with loneliness
According to the report of ‘The Sun’, Daffney Unger had separated himself from wrestling some time ago. He also put an Instagram Live Video related to it. In this video, Daphne was looking sad and was holding a pistol in her hand. He talked about suicide while posing with a pistol. In such a situation, his death is being considered as suicide. Daphne’s friend Lexie Fyfe reported his death on Thursday. He wrote through tweet – ‘Daphne Ungar is no longer with us. She has left us, take care of the privacy of her family in this hour of grief.

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Daphne was not happy being famous
Daphne is called Scream Queen. He expressed his pain in the live video crying. He told his fans that – ‘Friends, you cannot understand how lonely I am’. During this, she had a pistol in her hand and she was talking scary about suicide. Daphne Ungar had made a different identity in Woman Wrestling. Especially between 1999 and 2001, he had many amazing fights and had a good fan following. In such a situation, his passing away like this is a matter of shock for everyone.

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